Goat Serum 100 mL MP BIOMEDICAL 092939149

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Goat Serum 100 mL MP BIOMEDICAL 092939149


SKU 0929391-CF
Application Notes Goat serum is a suitable alternative to fetal bovine serum in a wide range of cell culture applications such as the isolation and identification of viruses produced in a variety of primary cell lines.
Formulation Details Liquid | Glucose 29 mg/dL; Sodium 146 meq/L; Potassium 5.6 meq/L; Chloride 114 meq/L; B.U.N. 21 mg/dL; Creatinine 0.5 mg/dL; Uric Acid 0.0 mg/dL; Calcium 7.5 mg/dL; Phosphorus 5.5 mg/dL; Albumin 2.7 g/dL; Total Bilirubin 0.2 mg/dL; ALT (SGPT) 20 IU/L; Alkaline Phosphatase 76 IU/L; AST (SGOT) 58 IU/L; LDH 211 IU/L; Cholesterol 42 mg/dL; Triglycerides 12 mg/dL; GGT 27 IU/L
pH 7.0 – 8.0
Physical Appearance Reddish Brown Liquid
Sterility No Growth | Filtration: .2 micron cartridge
Storage and Handling Store at -20°C.


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