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Our Commitment

Commitment for timely delivery, safest packaging, and maintaining quality standards

Customer Satisfaction

Providing 100% customer satisfaction in terms of Quality, Timely Support, and Pro-active Actions

Defect-free Products

Product inspections at every stage of the process and supplied only Zero defect products

Custom Model

Personalized and customized products which meet the need of current and coming generations

Welcome to


The DUAL LIFE SCIENCE PVT LTD  is an ISO certified manufacturing company in India. We have a huge range of various types of Fine Quality products that are used in laboratory research, medical and healthcare, and educational sectors. To meet the more diversified and sophisticated demand from all walks of our industrial society we provide an entire range of instruments right from basic lab to the most advanced instruments for research labs. Our prime objective is to deliver total customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we are always at your disposal and ready to serve you whenever you need us.

Our Services

Work consistently towards the improvement of living communities to provide safe and high-quality products with additional services: 

Implementation & Installation

Expertise related to upgrading of facilities, supplies, and installation of labs and workshops

Turnkey Solutions

With our extensive knowledge and experience- the perfect match to offer the best solutions

Support and assistance

Excellent customer service in terms of product delivery, information, and online and offline support

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