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Providing laboratory equipment that meets high standards of quality, accuracy, and reliability to ensure accurate research and experimentation.Focusing on understanding and meeting the unique needs of customers in terms of equipment specifications, support, and service.

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 7-Khodaldham Campus, Nr. Atithi Restaurant,Canal Road, Surat 395006,
Gujarat INDIA
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Established in the year 2008 we “Duallife Science Private Limited.” are engaged as the,Old,High Speed Centrifuge Machine,Laboratory Equipments etc. The products are highly acknowledged. They are known to make use of the best quality components, coupled with the latest technology Thus, we aim to understand the diverse needs of our clients and offer suitable range of products. Being a client-centric firm, our main is to accomplish the customers’ needs very competently. 
     Under the guidance of our mentor “Mr.Prakashbhai. ” we have become the best option of our clients. Our mentor has years of understanding of this aren


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We, DUAL LIFE SCIENCE PVT LTD, introduce ourselves as Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of scientific laboratory and Healthcare Equipments. The Company headquarter is in Surat (Gujarat), India. The Company is founded by highly Experienced Personnel in the field of LIFE SCIENCE. Since our inception, we emphasize quality and timely delivery and always strive to meet the requirements of our potential customers. We’re always coming up with new ideas to assist our industry flourishment. 

Providing comprehensive technical support, training, and assistance to healthcare professionals in using, maintaining, and troubleshooting equipment.

Prakash Mansara

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Prakash Mansara

Founder, CEO of Duallife

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I personally opine that Dual Life is one of the most fantabulous company I've ever come across..!!
rina patel
Nice company.💫Gret work.💫 Fast delivery.💫
pavan yadav
Best Service provide for Scientific Instruments in India Excellent product provided
jay patel
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Innovation refers to the process of creating and implementing new ideas, solutions, products, or processes that result in a positive impact. It’s about finding novel ways to address challenges, improve existing methods, or create something entirely new. Innovation is crucial for staying competitive, growth, and adapting to changing circumstances. Here are some key aspects of innovation


Certainly, teamwork is a collaborative effort where individuals work together towards a common goal. Whether it’s within a facility, a company, or any other context, effective teamwork is crucial for achieving success and maximizing productivity. Here are some key aspects of teamwork:


“Sustainable” refers to the ability to maintain or continue something over the long term without causing significant harm to the environment, society, or the resources that support  Sustainability involves finding a balance between meeting present needs and ensuring that future generations can also meet their needs. It applies to various contexts, including environmental practices, economic systems, social development, and more.


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